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      Executive Search & Outplacement Services

      Retained, Contingency Search, Recruitment Projects & Professional Contract Staffing Services

      We pride ourselves on our successful approach to the Executive Search (Retained & Contingency) process. Our professional and thorough understanding of the management philosophy and manufacturing processes of our client companies have allowed us to develop recognizably distinctive, and detailed, job order requirements, as well as, outline a procedure by which we can properly execute a confidential search and placement assignment.

      Our record of accomplishment is a direct result of the attentive application of our proven processes for:

      • Evaluating the job order;
      • Searching, identifying, and recruiting qualified candidates;
      • Presenting prequalified candidates with 5-7 days of initiating request; and
      • Actively participating in the interview-to-hire process.

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      We design Recruiting Projects specifically for client companies who are opening new manufacturing facilities, for example: design centers, distribution centers, moving product lines, and have a need for multiple hires in a specified time frame. Our experts help our clients reduce their time to hire by sourcing a large group of qualified candidates to fill these high-volume positions.

      Our Professional Contract Staffing division can assist client companies in hiring professional level contractors (Accounting, Engineering, HR personnel, Customs, etc.) for a limited time frame, through our back-office services. This allows client companies to reduce their overall staffing costs and increase staffing flexibility.

      Outplacement Services

      Our INtransit Tools for Career Development Outplacement Program© has been providing career guidance, employment preparation, and job search skills for over 25 years. Paid for by the terminating employer, our INtransit Program thoughtfully and professionally helps transition an employee that has been let go, to a satisfactory new position through the provision of short-term or long-term counseling and support services.

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      Our goal is to manage the change that is typical in today’s business environment while providing an atmosphere of compassion and support in a cost-effective and comprehensible manner. These services can be arranged for groups of employees or for an individual. We provide competent assistance at all staff levels, from the CEO to clerical/secretarial and shop floor personnel. The INtransit Program is provided in both English & Spanish.

      About Us

      Established in 1990, Fred W. Smithson™ has focused primarily on Retained Search, Contingency Search and Outplacement services.

      We specialize in the search and placement of qualified professionals with International, Twin Plant/Maquiladora, and domestic world-class manufacturing companies. Our team of Executive Recruiters, Sourcers, and Customer Support staff work diligently to develop and maintain a lasting relationship with our client companies.

      This experience allows us to perform critical searches for client companies in a professional, yet expedient manner. Clients are presented with 3-5 interviewed, fully qualified professionals within 5-7 days of initial engagement. We take great pride in recruiting for tomorrow’s industry through quality oriented executive search services.

      Mission statement

      Fostering a culture that supports the growth and development of our employees.  A culture that translates into providing top-quality service, results, and value to our client companies and industry professionals. In turn, we will continue to be the most effective, state-of-the-art, and respected executive search and outplacement firm in the manufacturing industry.

      Team Goals

      At Fred W. Smithson™ our goal is to provide client companies with a professional service that promotes the development of a long lasting business relationship. We provide client companies and industry professionals with the highest quality of service that leads to preserving our status as the primary executive search and outplacement firm.

      Meet Our Team

      Michael D. Smithson, CPC

      Vice President

      Michael is a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso. His background comprises over 25 years of Executive Search and Business Development with Fred W. Smithson™ (previously R. A. Rodriguez and Associates, Inc.).

      He has extensive manufacturing experience with materials and warehousing in Mexico and the U.S. In his current capacity, as Executive Vice President, he is responsible for new client company development, coordinating communication between Client and Recruiter during the recruitment process, and providing constant training and development of all company Team members. Michael is dedicated to quality service at every turn of the recruitment process.


      Graziella DePetris

      Executive Technical Recruiter

      Graziella is a graduate of San Jose State University with a degree in Aerospace Science and Technology, with undergraduate work in Mechanical Engineering. She is an experienced recruiter with global experience specializing in the recruitment of manufacturing executives, managers, engineers, and other highly skilled technical professionals for the Aerospace Industry.Formerly with Kelly Technical Services and Fujitsu Microelectronics, Graziella has worked not only as a Technical Recruiter, but also as a hiring manager in combining the complexity of the relationship between client, recruiter and candidate. She conducts extensive interviews with every client; carefully examining the technical requirements, desired strengths, strategic goals, and corporate culture.

      Throughout the hiring process, Graziella provides her candidates with objective facts and professional counsel to ensure they understand the marketplace and establishes clear and reliable objectives. As an Executive Technical Recruiter, she is committed to bringing great people to great companies.


      Erandy Montenegro

      Head of Research, Development & Implementation

      Erandy is a current student of Biobehavioral Health at Penn State University. She is a US Army veteran having served in Georgia, California and Texas. She has over 7 years of experience working in communications, operations, product development and health benefits administration.

      Her experience with start-up operations in the San Francisco Bay Area has given her a unique ability to help FWS with business operations and development.


      Fred W. Smithson, CPC


      Fred is a graduate of Wilkes University. As president of Fred W. Smithson ™ Your Recruiting Solution (previously R. A. Rodriguez & Associates, Inc.) he is responsible for establishing strategic goals and presiding over the entire corporate Team. His background comprises 40 years of management experience in Human Resources, Management Development & Training, and Plant Operations.

      He has spent 18 years in operations in the Middle East, South America, and North America. Fred has also worked as Plant Manager in Mexico for several years building harness boards for the automotive industry. Fred’s extensive manufacturing experience allows him to perform key searches in an expeditious and confidential manner.


      Maria Fuentes

      Talent Acquisition Manager

      Maria is a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso. With more than 30 years of experience in the maquiladora industry as Hiring Supervisor, Training Supervisor, Organizational Development Coordinator, Industrial Relations Manager, and Sr. Human Resources Manager; Maria’s level of knowledge of Mexican Labor Laws and experience provides her the inside knowledge and understanding that the manufacturing industry in Mexico needs in an Executive Recruiter.

      Additionally, she has vast knowledge and experience in the automotive and electronics industry. She has worked in manufacturing companies such as Continental Sprayers, Allied Signal, Hubbell, and Honeywell. Maria has earned her Six Sigma Green Belt Certification among other industry accolades and certifications.


      Rebecca Sierra

      Sourcing Manager

      Rebecca is a graduate of University of Phoenix. She has nearly 20 years combined experience in media communications, sales, marketing, customer service, and radio news reporting.

      Her experience as a Job Placement Director gives her the foundation to think outside ­the ­box when sourcing for the right qualified candidate. Her ability to track and balance time sensitive projects has allowed her to create a robust and dynamic candidate database with over 15,000 manufacturing candidates.


      Rosalba Barraza

      Talent Acquisition Manager

      Rosalba is a graduate of University of Texas at El Paso. She specializes in connecting people, career coaching, and bringing value to businesses by delivering human talent with high energy, the ability to energize others, technical knowledge, track record of execution, and a passion to win.

      Her background as HR Manager with manufacturing companies like General Electric and Honeywell provide her with a keen eye and an instinct for spotting high performing talent that will save her clients time and most importantly will guarantee high caliber individuals to be added to their rosters.

      Rosalba has a proven track record of developing and managing all aspects of Human Resources departments with successful accomplishments in organizational development, competitiveness, mentoring, training, turnover and absenteeism reduction, Union negotiations (Mexico) and in compensation and promotion.


      Michael Herrera

      Recruitment Process Manager

      Michael is a graduate of The University of Texas­Pan American in south Texas. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with a Minor in Global Security. His banking management work experience and upbringing in the manufacturing industries of Mexico have proven to be the perfect blend in preparing Michael for the recruiting industry.

      Michael has strong systems knowledge and vast internet know how. Michael is a young aggressive recruiter with sharp focus towards quality recruitment processes.


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